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Jasa specialist pemasangan dan pembuatan produk interior dan eksterior rumah, gedung, kantor, dll berbahan aluminium dan kaca. Call 081213364925

Professional construction design of aluminium and glass project .

Service business entities in the field of construction made from aluminum and glass. Alumikadesign strives to meet market demand in Indonesia, especially for aluminum and glass products with exceptional quality, as well as being the main and preferred container for the community to advance the building materials industry in Indonesia.

Discount %

Every order in large and small projects we make sure to give discounts of up to 10 percent

Estimated work on time

We always provide estimated work services through the stages of the process in a timely manner

Customer service

Get the best service through our customer service business through the contact and email available

Complete shopping

All your interior and exterior residential needs we can improve to always be ready


Done with professional and best workforce to make the projects we receive can be neat and fast

Free shipping

Free shipping on the maximum number of orders that we specify for the Greater Jakarta area

Branding and quality

The best selection of products with exceptional quality and warranty

Our website

Please visit our official website at www.alumikadesign.com

Marketing Online

We are also present at BukaLapak and Tokopedia a well-known online store in Indonesia

Pricelist 2020

Daftar Harga Terbaru Kusen Alumunium Agustus
Kusen Aluminium sebagai pilihan terbaik
Harga Terbaru Kusen aluminium 2020
Pintu aluminium composite panel
Pemasangan Kusen,Pintu dan Jendela Aluminium
Harga kusen pintu dan jendela aluminium terbaru september 2019
Proses produksi kusen aluminium pintu dan jendela

Our custome product

Custome is basically the production process of ordering the product according to taste and the choice of the consumer is called custome processing so that it means there is an additional request outside the standard of the product ordered

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